Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The world moves fast and it seems that there is a lot that we could and should do. Where do we put our priorities with the many distractions of life? Since I have started to use the computer after a long absence of time, I have come to realise how time flies while on it. With the television, sports, the computer, families, work and the gospel how do we know what to put first? I do not have an answer or good advice. But I have always been taught the slogan Good, Better, Best. Elder Scott gives a wonderful talk on the subject on where we should spend our time entitled, First Things First. I think I often need to reevaluate what really matters in life and how does the time I spend correspond to it. Sometimes as a missionary it seems there is not enough time in the day to fit in all the things that needed to be done. I can't imagine having a family a job and everything in between. How do you manage your time?


  1. My life seems so busy as I juggle work, family, friends and preparing for marriage but I have found when I put the Lord first (prayer, scriptures, etc.) everything else seems to fall into place.

  2. I set goals and make "to do" lists. This helps me focus on my priorities and I seem to be able to accomplish more than if I just drift through the day.