Thursday, November 4, 2010


          As of lately my mind has been focused on the principle of gratitude. In general conference we heard great talks from our Prophet Thomas S. Monson (The Divine Gift of Gratitude) and also the apostles, such as Elder Holland, on this very subject. I too am so grateful for my many blessings; there is so much to be thankful for. I am grateful for my family, my companion, the people of Providence, the beautiful fall colors and especially my Savior Jesus Christ, to name a few.  I love the hymn Count Your Blessings - #241  and I too need thank the Lord for all I have been given. Like the Leper I hope I will return and thank the Lord for healing me.



  1. I have found that the happiest moments of my life, were the moments I was grateful. In my kitchen I have a sampler that reads "A thankful heart is the greatest virtue". I pray every day that my children will have grateful hearts. Gratitude=Happiness

  2. When we stop to count our blessings, it is suddenly so easy to see the hand of the Lord in our lives. I like to keep a daily log of blessings. Most times, this includes little blessings like the beautiful sunrise, a kiss from one of my children or a good conversation with a friend. I think that these small moments of joy are blessings for heaven.

  3. There is a poster in my room where I write a list of things I am grateful for. Sometimes I cannot pull myself away once I start writing on it because it puts me in such a good mood! To paraphrase James E Talmage, “True happiness is renewed in the memory of it.”